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The Avant Garde Issue

Issue No. 10


The Avant Garde Issue | No. 10 featuring cover model Lluvy Gomez ( America's Next Top Model/Cycle 4), The Window Lady Clothing by Janay Rose; President Ilse Metchek of California Fashion Association; Runway Renegade, Alexandria von Bromssen; Behind the lens with Sarah Brickey Photography; How To Become A Fashion Stylist: The New Clebrity, In Living Color: On Geetika Gupta (Art Institute, Director, School of Fashion), Designer Kaye Morales, 2015 Beauty Trends At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week & more!!!!

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


  • fall-2015-unique-beauty-makeup-F.jpg
    Strange Beauty: How Atypical Models Have Invigorated Fashion
    A beautiful face will never go out of style, however the models getting the most attention lately have been defined not by their adherence to the rules of symmetry but by their distinctive, jarring, and at times off-kilter looks. Unique models have always existed, but they’ve been the exception rather than the rule. Every so often a model has emerged who shakes things up. 

  • drought.jpg
    Why the California Drought Matters to the Fashion Industry
    Wall Street Journal

    The four-year drought in California is hurting more than just farmers. It is also having a significant impact on the fashion industry and spurring changes in how jeans are made and how they should be laundered.


    Southern California is estimated to be the world’s largest supplier of so-called premium denim, the $100 to $200-plus-a-pair jeans such as VF Corp.’s 7 for All Mankind, Fast Retailing ’s J. Brand and private-equity owned True Religion. Water is a key component in the various steps of the processing and repeated washing with stones, or bleaching and dyeing that create that “distressed” vintage look.

  • skinny model.jpg
    France to Ban Super-Thin Models; Should the U.S. Follow Suit?

    The purpose of the bill — approved by the lower house of parliament last week — is to combat anorexia, according to Olivier Véran, the Socialist lawmaker who proposed it.


    France will join Israel, Spain and Italy, which all have similar measures in place.


    The Council of Fashion Designers of America proposed its own effort in 2007 to address what it calls “a global fashion issue” involving “whether some models are unhealthily thin, and whether or not to impose restrictions in such cases.”

  • Stefania Ferrario.jpg
    Here's What Industry Insiders Think Of The Term 'Plus-Size'
    Huffington Post
    Australian model  Stefania Ferrario  and Australian actress and author Ajay Rochesterhave been campaigning against the term "plus size" for weeks. The duo believe that the label is both counterproductive and harmful to young girls' self esteem. 

  • Gigi-Hadid-1-640x426.jpg
    Millennial Models Like Gigi Hadid, Fueled by Social, Are Hitting the Fashion Stratosphere
    Fans favor bold personalities, not just beauty

  • China.jpg
    Exposing Asia’s Fashion Empires
    Business Of Fashion
    The fortunes of many global brands are now in the hands of a few powerful families pondering what comes next for their fashion dynasties.
    More than a century has passed since the Fung family began selling porcelain, silk and fireworks from a trading post in the twilight years of Imperial China. Today, the great-grandson of founder Fung Pak-liu oversees a global supply chain empire called Li & Fung that is worth $8.6 billion.

  • AA.jpg
    American Apparel’s model agency leaked casting call saying it wants ‘real models’ not ‘Instagram hoes’
    The Independet
    American Apparel seems to be steering the wheel by targeting real models instead of “regular people” for its upcoming campaigns as revealed in a leaked casting call issued by a modelling agency.

  • Joe Zoe.jpg
    Joe Zee’s Advice for Breaking into the Fashion Industry: Say Yes to Everything
    Zee was full of candid advice on breaking into the industry and getting the most out of each job throughout one's career. Read on for the best career tips he shared at the meetup, plus his perspective on the relationship between print and digital media. 

  • beyonce-vogue-13feb15-getty_b.jpg
    Step Into Beyoncé's Shoes
    GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI has revealed that he has created a shoe with Beyoncé Knowles, which will be released in just a week or two.

  • skinny model.jpg
    France likely to pass bill banning super-skinny models
    France's government is likely to back a bill banning excessively thin fashion models as well as potentially fining the modeling agency or fashion house that hires them and sending the agents to jail, the health minister said on Monday.

  • cfda.jpg
    Here Are the Nominees for the 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards
    The 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards nominees have just been announced.

  • armani.jpg
    Armani's New Womenswear Line
    GIORGIO ARMANI  is set to add another string to its bow as it has announced that a new womenswear line is in the works, entitled New Normal. While no details have been disclosed as to when the line will launch, it is known that it will be a full collection, full of "classic" items.

  • milan.jpg
    Cheerleading for Milan
    The New York Times
    Compared with the other stations of the fashion cross — thumping New York, cosmopolitan London, elegant Paris — Milan seems unwilling or unable to trumpet its glories and the fashion industry.
    IMAGE: Emporio Armani Menswear Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection from Milan Fashion Show

  • naomi.jpeg
    Time, tide and Burberry shows wait for no woman – not even Naomi Campbell
    The Burberry catwalk show, being these days not so much a fashion parade as a key messaging moment for one of the giant brands of the modern age, waits for no one. Not even Naomi Campbell.
    From left: Sam Smith, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Kate Moss, Mario Testino and Naomi Campbell at the Burberry show. Photograph: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

  • NYFW.jpg
    New York Fashion Weak
    In New York — forgive the harshness — there was no shortage of weak ideas. That’s not to say that New York lacks good product, but New York is so pragmatic, it sometimes makes you yawn. It is wonderfully commercial, but hardly surprising or innovative.
    (L-R) Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler Autumn Winter 2015 looks | Source: Indigital.

  • enhanced-7737-1424164876-17.jpg
    These Models With Disabilities Featured In An Inspiring New York Fashion Week Show
    Following the inclusion of Jamie Brewer – the first model with Down syndrome to feature on a New York Fashion Week catwalk – last Thursday, the fashion world has made another move in the right direction: a show featuring models with disabilities.

  • molo_kids.jpg
    Children’s fashion: small people, big business
    The Gaurdian
    Social factors such as a rapidly increasing birth rate, parents having children later in life and a glut of baby-boomer grandparents with more disposable income at their fingertips than at any point in history have combined to make childrenswear a highly lucrative business. And nowhere more so than at the designer end of the spectrum.

  • Jamie Brewer.jpeg
    First model with Down syndrome in New York Fashion Week

    Actress Jamie Brewer, best known for her roles onAmerican Horror Story, appeared Thursday on a catwalk during New York Fashion Week.


    Brewer was the first model in the show with Down syndrome.

    Brewer wore clothing by designer Carrie Hammer as part of Hammer's "Role Models Not Runway Models" show, a project that invites inspiring women to showcase Hammer's work.

    IMAGE: Actress Jaimie Brewer walks the runway during the 'Role Models Not Runway Models' Carrie Hammer show. 

    (Photo: Brian Ach, Getty Images)

  • Grammys-2015-Men-Fashion.jpg
    New York Fashion Week: Will menswear outshine womenswear? It definitely did at the Grammys.
    Washington Post
    There are certain womenswear designers who promise to rattle the status quo when New York fashion week begins Thursday — Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Thom Browne. Peter Copping will show his first collection since taking the helm at Oscar de la Renta. And who knows what unexpected young womenswear designer could have a breakout moment? The duo behind Proenza Schouler, after all, managed to surprise folks with the out-of-character (for them) glamourpuss gown Beyonce wore to the Grammy Awards. But right now, it’s the menswear, in general, that holds the most appeal.